Puppy’s First Grooming

Depending on the breed you choose, your puppy’s grooming can be the most important experience of his life.  The main objective is…that he likes it!    His first experience – positive  or negative – will remain with him forever.

From the day you bring the  puppy home you should handle him gently all  over, including his feet.  You can then advance to the brush and comb.  At  twelve weeks old he will be ready  for his first grooming shop visit.  All his shots will be up to date  to protect him from any illness and  he will have had a few weeks of handling,  brushing and combing.  Working as a team, you and your groomer  will  provide the best  care that  your  puppy needs to look and feel his best.




Your  puppy’s first visit to the  Grooming  Salon…

  • Your groomer may suggest that you bring your puppy to the salon for a couple  brief  visits to familiarize him  with all the  sights and sounds of the salon  before his actual appointment
  • Other  groomers prefeer that you being  him in for his appointment and they  will allow the  puppy to become accustomed  to the activity  in the salon as they go through the grooming process.
  • On your way to the grooming  salon – be happy!  If you feel stressed or nervous, your puppy will  pick up on your feelings and may become fearful and aprehensive.
  • Be sure to excercise your puppy  right before the  grooming experience to allow him  to  relieve himself.

How long will it take?

His first few appointments may be quite lengthy.  It is extrememly important for  your  puppy to trust his groomer and to  be comfortable  with everything  the  groomer does to him.  He may need a break or two, a brief playtime to work off excess energy and  stress or a little quiet time.  There must be no  rushing.  With gentle guidance he will learn grooming is an enjoyable experience and not something to be  feared.

Make sure you give a number where you can be reached at any time.  Your groomer will  give you a time to pick up your puppy or will call you when he is finished.  Do not come back early!  If your puppy sees or hears your voice, he could become so excited that it may be impossible to finlish  his groom.

What happens during my  puppy’s grooming session?

  • First, your  puppy will be thouroughly brushed.  This  will allow him to become familiar with his groomer as he speaks softly and strokes him genty.  Then he will begin clipping and scissoring his coat.
  • Before his bath, your groomer will clean your puppy’s ears and clip his toenails and may brush his teeth.  He will place a drop of  eye protector in his eyes to keep any suds from irritating them if he should shake.
  • The next step is a warm bath with a high quality  puppy shampoo massaged throughout his coat, followed by a conditioner.  A Very thorough rinsing completes that part of the bathing  processs.
  • Your  puppy is immediately dried with  towels and then fluff  dried to avoid any chills.  When he is completely  dry, his groomer  will finish styling him.  His groom may be completed with bows or a bandana and pet cologne.

After the groom

Being clipped and groomed is a completely new experience for your  puppy.  He may feel  “funny” and  want to rub himself on the carpet or furniture, or he may scratch himself.  A little of this is normal,  but do  not let him cause any irritation to  himself.  Remember that his freshly clipped nailss may be sharp  and can easily irritate his puppy skin.  If you have any questions, contact your groomer immediately.

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